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Hosinsul Korea Hapkido

Our Purpose
Our Purpose
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Purpose of Hosinsul Korea Hapkido

Hosinsul Korea Hapkido was formed in 1997 with humble beginnings in central Victoria Australia by Master Nigel May
Our focus is quality hapkido and in the endless search for the hapkido traditions of Dojanim Choi Young Sul
Master May has endlessly searched for curriculum to suit Hosinsul Korea Hapkido.
Grand Master Ji Han Jai is considered by the world Hapkido community as the biggest influence on Hapkido World wide, and rightly so but  Hosinsul korea Hapkido respects Hapkido beginnings but we strive for the original teachings of Dojanim Choi.
Any one visiting Australia are more than welcome to come visit and train our doors are always open to respectfull hapkido practitioners.
We hope you enjoy our site!!

We as an organisation want to expand and grow but we will not lose our quality for the sake of a member who is not the genuine article
We recognise bonified martial artists at their current rank then rank advancement requirements are to see the techniques of our practitioners

Our Mission

Hosinsul Korea Hapkido mission is to further promote the interests of our group and our members to the community. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach.

Hosinsul Korea Hapkido